Sunday, September 19, 2010

Project 2.

For project two I'm choosing to do a range of garnier beauty products, the reason being that there is a large variety of products in different shapes and sizes. Initially I thought I might like to do different nail polishes, but I think that might be a bit difficult as they are mostly glass and chrome and are of a very small scale.

As with project one, I have researched some different stylings that garnier products have been photographer in....

Generally the products have computer generated backgrounds with composites of the ingredients etc that make up the product. EG

For each product I am to create a background that corresponds with the products description/name/ingredients. I want all 4+ products to be distinct from one another, yet still hold a theme throughout, which won't be hard because the products are all green.

Some products I think I would like to do are:
XXL volume thickening mousse.

For this product; I would like to use camera angles to make the product appear really big. I'd like the background to have little buildings/cars etc that appear small in comparison to the product to make it look XXL, as the name suggests.
Lighting for this product will use a large rectangular soft box to one side of the product to create long reflections on the surface. The background will also have to be softly lit so that my props can be seen, however I would like them to appear slightly out of focus to create depth of field and keep the attention on the product. I will use a white paper background to create a mini cyclorama with smooth transition from the background to the foreground.

Sleek and shine anti humidity spray

For this product; I would like to use the products description and make the product sleek and shine. The product will have two soft boxes either side to create two reflections and make the product appear shiney. It will also be placed on perspex to create a reflective surface which will also add to the shine of the image. For this product I would like to keep the background quite simple to create sleek, clean lines on the product. I will decide the background after some experimentation

Survivor tough it out glue.

This product advertises being able to create "cactus sharp spikes" So I think I would like to use cactus in the background with a number of different spikes and perhaps some dirt because of the survivor theme of the product.
Again, the lighting will consist of two soft boxes to the right and left of the product, or perhaps one light with a reflector.
The background will need to be lit with a broncholor flash unit. Again I will use white paper to create a graduation of lighting from background to foreground.

Wonder waves, wave enhancing spray.

For this product I should be able to use one large en face soft box to light the product. The background is going to consist of waves of some description, which I will come up with later and that in turn will effect the lighting. I would like the background to again be fairly out of focus, but so the waves are still definable.

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