Sunday, September 19, 2010

Small Product Assignment 1... Proposal.

For this small product assignment I'm choosing to photograph perfume, not because it was the example (although that did assure me that I was on the right track) but because this sort of small product photography intrigues me and my style, and I think it will be quite a challenge.
I researched top end perfume advertisements with human interaction. Here are some of the images I came across (and liked):

I'd like to do this sort of fashion oriented shoot for my project, with a female model (I will probably try model mayhem for a model and makeup artist for the first time)...
The perfume I'd like to shoot is Kate Moss, because it's the perfume I wear daily, and I adore Kate Moss.
I researched the ad that the perfume currently uses (featuring Kate Moss herself) And I would like ultimatley mimic this although slightly changing the image...

I want to work more with the background, adding out of focus colour/texture, although I do like the use of negative space to the right of the model, which allows a non distracting background for the product itself.
The lighting on the model is soft (A large soft box) And I might get some fanning happening to introduce wind and movement to the picture. (which will also double as symbolism of the breeziness of the perfume scent). The rose will represent the floral side of the perfume scent, and I would like to use a brighter rose, perhaps baby pink to match the colour of the perfume.

The product itself will just require glassware lighting with long reflections and soft lighting.

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